Our Story

Established in 2014

Platform Solutions emerged to fill an unmet gap of proper after-sales service and end-to-end solutions that no company was adequately serving in Jordan.

Through a highly qualified team of technical experts, Platform was born to address various clients’ IT infrastructure issues and concerns. Supported by solid IT knowledge, vast experience as well as know-how in system integration, the team sought to make a difference in the IT marketplace.

The company aims to consistently meet customers’ needs and earn their loyalty by providing a full spectrum of solutions and professional IT infrastructure services across all industries


Years of






Our top-notch team boasts wide experience and familiarity with the most common IT solutions that companies use, such as Microsoft Cloud, HCI, Video Conferencing, Audio, IT Security, etc.


We provide flexible and custom-tailored solutions to match clients’ specific needs.

Cost Savings

We enable clients to perform business processes at lower costs, minimize defects and enhance productivity.


We provide clients with a complete one-stop shop, including multiple services, solutions and products, from one place.

Client Focus

We always put our customers first, even providing them with complimentary services to ensure their every need is met.


Platform Solutions is an IT infrastructure solution specialist and systems integrator that plans, designs and implements organizational IT strategies and manages mission-critical IT infrastructure for local and global clients. The company simultaneously combines IT with audio visual and systems integration to deliver innovative solutions to clients.

Through its in-depth industry and technical knowledge, Platform provides an IT infrastructure management platform that is cost-effective, reliable, and cutting edge and helps customers extract maximum value from their IT investments. Ultimately, their IT solutions improve the mobility, flexibility and security of IT systems while also reducing costs.

Our Philosophy

Our Values

Innovation: We deliver unmatched innovative solutions to enhance overall digital transformation. People: We highly value our multi-disciplinary team and provide them with continuous trainings and certification opportunities. Excellence: We consistently strive for excellence in our offering of high-quality services and solutions.

Vision and mission

Platform Solutions aspires to become one of the world’s leading IT infrastructure solution specialists and system integrators, recognized for its commitment and dedication to serve clients’ every need

Our Approach

Platform utilizes state-of-the-art technical infrastructure to deliver solutions that meet the most demanding needs of your organization.

  • Advisory

    During the initial stage of every project, we meet with our clients and discuss their needs and the final outcome they want to achieve.

  • Design

    In this phase, our experts design a tailored solution for our clients and present it to them in a coherent and comprehensible way.

  • Research

    Before the launch of any solution, we run extensive quality assurance, including R&D, tests, samples, demos across different scenarios and integration tests, to ensure that all solutions work as expected.

  • Analysis

    We then identify all the benefits and limitations of each solution and determine the one that best suits the customer’s needs.

  • Supply

    Upon approval of the design, we contact the requested vendors and source every piece of hardware at the most cost-effective price.

  • installation

    At this stage, our qualified engineers will work on-site to ensure that all specifications and needs are met.

  • Training

    After completing the project and installing the required hardware, we train all of the staff who will operate it.

  • Support

    We will further take care of any problems that arise with the equipment and software, and even attend to any unforeseen issues or concerns outside the agreed upon scope of work.